Change of Venue + Sequestration = An Orange County Trial

Riddle me this:

If Judge Strickland were to grant Casey Anthony’s Motion for Change of Venue and also sequester the jury, where would the trial be held?

Answer: Orange County :-)

See Section 910.03(3), Florida Statutes.

If a court finds that a fair and impartial jury cannot be impaneled in the county where the offense was committed, and the court determines that once a jury is selected it shall be sequestered, the court on its own motion, or upon a motion of any party, may elect to select a jury from a county other than where the offense was committed. … Upon completion of jury selection, the jury shall be brought for trial to the county where the offense was committed.


67 thoughts on “Change of Venue + Sequestration = An Orange County Trial

  1. I think Jeff Ashton ROCKS.

    I’m surprised you haven’t gone after him, Richard. Is he on your list for the future? And why can’t I find a place to put an avatar with my name here on this blog?

  2. Richard –

    Can you please clarify who would be allowed to visit with Casey under the guise of working for the defense and not be subject to the media requesting video of the meeting? Can it be anyone or do they have to have a specific purpose for the defense?

      • RH, I just saw a graph charting the visits of Baez, he is seeing KC ONCE a Month now, considering he saw her 13 times the first month he represented her. Clearly his enthusiasm has diminished.

        I realize it must take ALL his avaliable time to continue to produce ridiculous MOTIONS, but, IS this normal? KC is facing the DP, how can this be normal?

        My guess is that Baez has lost his “Passion” for this case &
        “my girl,” I guess that’s what happens when Reality kicks in & you realize your client hasn’t lied a couple of times, she LIED about everything.

        • Well there comes a point in every case where every attorney just wants to get a case over with.

          With that said, what good would seeing Casey frequently do for Mr. Baez? In reality she could not provide him with any additional information that would help him prepared his defense. At this point he is just visiting her to provide updates on what is going on, nothing more.

          • thanks for the explanation. It never dawned on me that I guess the DEFENSE team is working on “Strategy” & has whatever facts KC has provided & doesn’t need her input.


  3. Hi NostroRico,
    Sounds like you need a break! I’m so happy Christmas is over.

    IMO the reason Baez wants an out of county jury, is that he is hoping to get as many Latin people as possible. He thinks he’s a Macho Superstar among the Latin community. Yeah, I truly believe he does. His thinking is wrong. Whatever the culture, or race, when the horrid facts are laid before them, reactions will be the
    same. I still don’t think Casey will get the DP, LWOP is what I imagine she will get.

    Frankly, I think most people think this case is taking far too long. They need to get moving. Don’t you agree?

    I wish you, and your family a SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. LONGSFORSUMMER: I believe this case will be televised. You can always watch it from the comforts of your home….and miss the crowds. (you must live in Orlando..)

    hmmmm Wonder if RH will be in courtroom? My guess is, perhaps a few times, not everyday. (Unless Blankie Blink is there. lol…he might put a Whoopie Cushion under her seat!!)

    • IN SESSION/TRU TV has already said they will cover the ENTIRE Murder Trial as well as the Civil & Fraud Cases on their network.

      I watched the MOTIONS hearing on Dec. 11, 2009 on IN SESSION. They did a great job + are able to get interviews by Casaris of some of the “players” Orlando media isn’t able to get. The LEGAL Analyst were “more than impressed” with Jeff Ashton’s presentation of argument in the DP. All they could say was, “WOW! WOW! WOW!”

      RH, you would be GREAT as an ANALYST on their show, being a Criminal Defense Attorney & explaining the ins/outs of Fla. Law. to their viewers would be entertaining.

    • Hi Mk,

      No, unfortunately, I’m not in Orlando.

      I wouldn’t get within 5 miles of the court building if I was though.

      The “Circus” like frenzy isn’t going to get less chaotic, in my opinion.

      Circus like atmosphere’s aren’t really my thing.

      Isn’t it ultimately up to Hon. Strickland as to whether the networks are allowed to bring cameras into the courtroom?

      I’m sure he will probably allow them but what if he only allows pen, paper & laptops?

      I hope RH does attend the trial and shares his thoughts on his blog. If he isn’t too busy.

      I wouldn’t want his own clients to lack services due to my own selfishness, but it would be fantastic if he could cover the trial.

  5. I concur that you should be an analyst for this case. I think you should also do that ad thing and make some money off of this blog- don’t know how you go about setting it up but I know of blogs that make thousands of dollars a month. Especially when this case goes to trial. I’d much rather here the latest from you since you’ve followed the case from the beginning and know what the h*ll you are talking about :)!

    Your biggest fan in Colorado!

  6. Long4Summer
    I take offense at your comment! Housewives, househusbands, or lame ass commentors or whomever have as much right to take interest or attend this trial just like anyone else who has an interest if that is what they want to do. What makes think you and your rudeness have a monoply on this or anything else. Do you think they are beneath you or not have the intelligence to follow this case and attend if they want to. Kiss off. I am tired of the slamming of bored housewives. Kiss off!!!

    • What ya want to go protest at the trail or something?
      Maybe you can all get together and toss pennies!!

      • I think what is getting lost in the unneccesary bantering is, well, reality.

        If the courtroom seats 80 people, for random example, and the judge allocates 50 of them to media and family, that leaves 30 seats available to the “public”.

        How does Frosty propose they accomodate “anyone who takes an interest and wants to attend” if “anyone” exceeds 30 people?

        This case…. “The People of FLORIDA vs. Casey Marie Anthony” , would allocate those remaining “30 public” seats to FLORIDA taxpayers, no?

        I would sure think so.

        That means a bored housewife (or househusband) from Minnesota may wish to call ahead for details before booking their flight.

        • Sorry just the use of the referral to bored housewive like it is a dirty word is what bothers me. I get your point about anybody just showing up for this is ridiculous. Can u imagine the sideshow this will cause outside of the logitics of every Tom, Dick, and Sherry trying to get in to this thing. I am sure there is the crazy ones that will try. It would be the last place I want to be. Thanks!

  7. Amen to that Frosty!!! Mr Hornsbey indeed needs a vacation after the past weeks of bashing housewives and other bloggers.Perhaps he will come back refreshed and less hostile.Hopefully, he will set a better example and monitor this blog in a more respectful manner.

  8. what i am consumed with is what kind of defense can any attorney really put on, when there seems to be no defense? i also would like to know, is when you have a known liar for a client, how can you trust anything they would tell you? how do you go into a trial with the kind of confidence an attorney must have in a courtroom to be even remotely effective? the jurors will find out what a liar she is with a quickness. i am just curious to know how can an attorney, any attorney work with that?

  9. ya’ll should be less sensitive about RH’s words. He is not here to babysit. If you do not like the way he talks, you have the choice to not come here. Use it, otherwise quit griping. i never have understood the way people go to tv shows, or blogs, and then complain when roses aren’t strewn out for what you think it should be, or not be. i have friends from all walks of life,and believe me, they have bigger worries in life than what a person is saying about certain social groups, unless it is going to affect you in a personal way, and you can not function in life due to mere words.

    • I am not sensitive about RH’S words and I don’t need a babysitter. I was not refering to him anyway. I visit many sites and this is the only comment from posters that bugs the hell out of me. Believe me I am not a sensitive person by any means. I do have a life and and the comments about a certain social or racial group is what burns my butt. TCD is where I see you and never take offense there with you or anyone elses comments!!

  10. I would personally prefer to watch from afar……so I can throw things at the Defense without getting arrested. My tv is much cheaper to replace.
    But would love to be outside the court house wearing a laundry bag that says
    “this bag is for you CASEY ANTHONY!”
    Baez and Lyon have been very quiet…… Scarey when you think that Lyon is out of School for the last 2 weeks…….

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